Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs that made me laugh

Funky signs and notices always make me smile.
Saw this sign hanging in a coffee shop in Duluth a year ago .

It was hanging here at Dunn Brothers Coffee, Duluth, MN.
Isn't this cute?  LOG, inside and out.

And this struck us really funny when we lived in China in the 80s.  It was a good idea, though, to help prevent a slip on the sidewalk in the mornings, especially.

This is probably just humorous to a nurse.  This was at Buca de Beppo in Mesa.  Saw it in December when out with the Ladies Book Club ladies.

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  1. Just from reading your profile and a few posts I can imagine all the stories you must have from traveling! My husband lived in China for a year, then Taiwan... he's fluent in Mandarin and is about to graduate with his Bachelor's in International Business. I hope someday he takes me to China. It is fascinating!

    Thanks for commenting on my Principal's Day post! I'm glad to have found your blog through your comment!