Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oranges and Sunday night ramblings

1) One of Doug's dreams when we came to Arizona was to have his own citrus trees, and lo and behold, it has happened.  Our lot is tiny but he has managed to squeeze a naval and tangelo in the backyard and a trovita and a royal mandarin in the front.  What fun for a Minnesota boy! 

2) I don't understand how or why prayer works, but God gives us the privilege of seeking Him and of joining Him in His work as we pray for others.  We are having a week of prayer emphasis at our church and I am excited to be with like-minded people seeking the Lord.

3) Friends make a big difference in my life.  I spent time with a really fun friend yesterday.  She always makes me laugh.  We had lunch today with some people that have known Doug and me since we were first married - 35 years ago.  We all seem so the same.  How could 35 years have intervened?  

4) I don't like to give a "hard" word to anyone.  

5) People have a great capacity to disappoint one another.  Many times people disappoint unintentionally.

5) I have gotten slightly addicted to Sudoku since Doug gave me a puzzle book for Christmas.

6) I wish I could recall people's names better.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting me at "HOME is Where the Heart is". Its a pleasure to meet you and visit Glacier Dreaming..
    I have enjoyed reading many of your posts.
    My Dad was born and raised in Jerome Az. we have family who live in other cities in Az.
    My husband and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary next Month and my daughter is dating a really sweet guy name funny, we have many things in common.I have become a follower and will enjoy stopping in for visits.
    Have a sweet day and Welcome to blogging...
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Congratulations you won my giveaway! The Farm Chicks Christmas book. Email me with your address and I will have it to you asap!
    Have a great Week!