Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paint by Number

Just hung these "PAINT BY NUMBER" pictures that Dad Davidson painted many decades ago.  Doug gave him the kits sometime in the 70s.  He recalls his dad coming up from the basement, cursing the difficulty of the pictures. He was such a perfectionist and there were so many small areas to paint!  I'm so glad he stuck with it.  These were the only things I really wanted from the Island Lake house after he died.  They were in some really cheesy frames and sat on my closet floor for the past 3 years.  Got motivated to hang them recently and found the barn-wood frames half price at Hobby Lobby.  
They are hanging above our bed. 
 THANKS,   Dad Davidson!

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  1. Oh, Sue! The frames are so perfect for the pictures. We have some similar frames that Chuck made from wood from his Grandpa's old general store and some from a barn that his great-grandpa built.
    How special that you saved these paintings, and that they were from Doug originally.