Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's official.  We are really empty-nesters.

We've been pseudo empty-nesters since Angie went to university four years ago, but now it's really, really true.  She has flown the nest, starting her life as an "official" adult as she starts her nursing career in Lubbock, Texas.

She and Doug left on their 740 mile journey early this morning and they are almost to their destination (Grandad and Nana Knox's home in Tahoka).
Tomorrow they will unload the boxes and start to get settled in her 
apartment in Lubbock.  

We plan and prepare for this and it IS good.  We are blessed to have kids who are adventurous and do not want a mediocre life.  That means far-flung adventures away from the home nest. 

Okay, little bird, fly.....

We're gonna miss you.

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  1. Perfect pic of your birdie that's flying the coop.