Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For

Most days I try to come up with "5 Things I am Thankful For" before my feet hit the floor. I forget some days but here are 5 for today:

1) First Skype call with Trish, Pete, & Bowman from Bangladesh. Not the perfect connection, but good enough to make me very happy. 
2) That Doug wants to hear about my day.
3) Friends to laugh with over salad and pizza.
4) Friends to discuss books with.
5) Home-made pear gorgonzola walnut crepes for supper.

And one more... Angie's homemade shortbread today.  (That was a whole lot of sweet buttery melt-in-my-mouth deliciousness.)


  1. That picture of the crepes is good enough to start your cooking blog with. Delicious!!!

  2. wish I was there for all of that deliciousness!