Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things that make me happy in my home

My dad frequently said, "Don't love anything that can't love you back." So I try not to do that. But there are some "things" in my home that I really like, for a variety of reasons: it reminds me of someone I care about, a place I like, a serendipitous find, a good memory.

I feel quite happy in my "red room." The geranium picture was the inspiration for the whole room.

The rocking love seat came from Vintage Charm, Marcee and Tana's delightful store in downtown Mesa. Doug surprised me with it one Christmas.

My sister Peggy made the red-checked pillow.

I found this chair for $5 in downtown Mesa one day. It had a chip and was in rough shape. But a woodworker from church repaired the chip and with a coat of red paint it fit right in.

Angie made the candle holder in school.

These pictures came from the Schoolhouse Store in Apgar, in Glacier National Park. Indian Paintbrush.

And this funky collection just makes me smile.

Redwing pottery makes me think of my grandma and garage sales. The small jug was my Grandma Johnson's. The largest jug was in Dad Davidson's house on Island Lake, and the third one was a garage sale find in Deerfield, Illinois during seminary days.

Doug made the wooden Love Plaque for me the summer of 1975, when I was working at Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp.

Trisha created this container in high school. Love the lizard.

SIL Pete took these flower pictures in Glacier and I found this great frame at Hobby Lobby for $15.

Gotta have some loons. One came from the Rexall Drug Store in Warren, MN and Dad Davidson made the one in back.

This lamp is one of my favorite things. The wood base was at a friend's shop in Montana in the 1970s. When they offered it to us, we tried not to sound too eager. It was a tree root and it has lit our homes in Montana, Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota, and Arizona.

This picture hung in the bathroom on the farm.

This oak table was set to be "junked," when Doug and Dad set to work on it in 1984.  They sanded and sanded and sanded and then finished it and it is a reminder that underneath a rough exterior there may be something of beauty.

And in the bathroom, a good reminder.

But, to be honest, this is what makes me happiest in my home....


  1. What a fun tour of yr home & favorite things. I suppose a little song might be welcome! :-) Especially fun to see the picture from the farmhouse bathroom & the other treasures you've combined into making your house a home.

  2. Love your red room. Our dining room is red, with red touches throughout the house. We also have a round oak table which we bought for $60.00 and Chuck refinished. And four Red Wing crocks, several loons, and the same pictures from Pete. I agree - it's not loving the "things", but all that they mean to us.