Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rude Awakening on my Birthday

So I had a birthday recently and the Rude Awakening I had made me think about my personal aging. I had been thinking for several months that I was going to have a birthday with a 5 on the end of it. Was kinda mentally psyching myself up for that. But my Rude Awakening occurred when we were out for Sunday lunch a few days before the Birthday In Question. Friend Ricky asked me how old I was going to be. (Stop for a second; he needs a few tips from Miss Manners, don't you think?) I replied that I was born the same year as his wife as his wife, to which he replied, "Well, then you're going to be _6." I nearly fell off my green bench and choked on my lemonade when I realized he was right. OK, so the sticker shock of being _5 was immediately gone, replaced with the thought that I had already passed that milepost and could coast through the upcoming birthday without any damage to my psyche.

So, just a few thoughts on Aging:
1) I am loving this time of my life - so many fewer worries than when I was in my 20s and 30 (or 40s)s.
2) There are no guarantees about this day or any future days.
3) People can remain beautiful in many ways as they Age.
4) God promises to be with me as I Age.
5) I am the only one who controls my thoughts about Aging (or anything, for that matter.)


  1. Hooray for your blog, and for aging with grace!

  2. Just read your blog... I'm really enjoying it! You now have some"thing" (one) in your life who will make you rejoice at being at this new stage in life. Bowman! Missing them tons already, but it helps to know they are on their way to Glacier and to you guys. Love, Kristin