Tuesday, June 15, 2010


People with passion for a cause or a need or a place or a person inspire me. Perhaps because I feel very dispassionate about too many things.

I have a friend who is passionate about Mexico. When she crosses our southern border to serve those less advantaged than she is, she says she gets the same feeling inside that she gets when she goes to Disneyland.
Doug is passionate about sharing Christ. That gets his juices flowing like little else.
Rob is passionate about mentoring and teaching leaders.
Steve and Loraine are passionate about their ministry in Mexico, Spain, and North Africa.

What am I passionate about? I'm thinking.
I am passionate about being organized, personal finance, and Glacier, but, really, those things seem just a wee bit shallow.
I want to have a pure and holy passion for God and people but I think I need a stirring for that to be truer than it really is.

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  1. You're passionate about Bowman and your family. You're passionate about your patients. And I think being passionate about personal finance is important because you support those who are passionate about others.