Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple beautiful things in my life this week

Tulips from friends...

blueberries on my Apple...

a strawberry on my Apple...

And other beautiful things:  
playing Mexican Train with friends,
lunch out with co-workers (patio dining in March),
working on a project with a friend,
mentoring a new nurse today,
keeping up with my Bible reading and prayer,
Skyping Bowman and Trish,
a little wedding planning with Angie,
knowing God Is In Control.


  1. Hey! Mom made the cover!

    What's the project you're working on with a friend?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Oh, how much joy we can have if we scoop up these simple, beautiful little things day by day.

  3. oh! what beautiful tulips!!!

    come on spring!!! :)