Monday, March 21, 2011

March Getaway

Most people like to head south for a winter getaway 
but Doug and I decided to catch a bit of winter 2 weekends ago.  Just a wee getaway.
We had not had 2 days off together since vacation last summer. Headed north (Montana and Glacier Nat'l Park) on an Allegiant Air flight (those less expensive flights out of smaller airports) on a Friday evening.  Left 88 degree weather and found ourselves in freezing weather in a few hours.  
We had 2.5 wonderful days of doing something very different from our daily routine.  We reflected on life and the future and the amazing creativity of God.

We stayed at a cute little cabin in Martin City, where we were told, "People are renegades."  The cabin was really cute.  Unfortunately, the leg of the bed frame gave way as Doug sat down on the bed that evening.  "Well, never mind, I'll sleep on that side.  It shouldn't be that bad."  Well, it wasn't so easy to sleep at that weird angle, trendelenberg-like, so we pulled the mattress onto the floor at 5 the next morning for a couple decent hours of sleep.
But never mind, because we had this to see the next day. 

Doug enjoyed quite a few cups of his favorite brew.
We didn't make this snowman but he had no face when we found him and his arm was dislocated to we set that right.
We enjoy reading aloud to each other (especially on vacations) and started reading the book Unbroken, the fascinating and well-written account of a WWII American GI 
who was captured by the Japanese.
A few other weekend memories we came home with: the breakfast waitress whose name was Electra Omega ("my parents were a little weird"), the Irish band playing at the Belton Chalet, the spicy supper that Doug couldn't enjoy so the waitress replaced it and refused to charge him for the meal, the sound of geese flying north over Lake McDonald, the clear water of Snyder Creek flowing through the ice and snow.
We were blessed and refreshed.


  1. These are beautiful shots!!! Especially the last one! Must be you are a photo bug too!

  2. Oh, now I want to go to Glacier, as it has been a while! But, instead, my husband and I are going to travel FROM Montana TO Iowa for a wedding in a couple of weeks. Perhaps we'll be able to go this summer :) I am happy thay you were able to come, and it looks like the scenery didn't disappoint!

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing a bit with us. :)