Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodwill Bargain and DO-OVERs.

Bought my first-ever dollar day bargain at Goodwill last Thursday.
Got this end table for a buck....
missing a piece on the bottom shelf, very dirty, very shabby.
Needing some love and attention and a DO-OVER.
So, I sanded, primed, and spray painted it black.

And here's the result.

Am so glad that God gives us DO-OVERS when we are messed up and dirty and shabby.


  1. I love that about God too :) And I love the re-do on the table. Very nice! Also, I copied your idea of using coffee beans for fall decorations in our apartment and it looks great!

  2. Sue this looks great! I am very impressed. Miss you and hope you are doing well!