Saturday, July 31, 2010

Everybody's A Winner With Jesus

Today was a day to chillax after 4 very busy weeks, with many HIGHS (i.e. seeing Peg & Lorne and Rob & Kathy in Glacier, spending a couple weeks hiking, camping and backpacking with Angie, Seth, Trish, Pete and Bowman), and LOWS (i.e. the LONG drive back to the heat, friend Rick's unexpected death, a very heavy patient caseload, saying good-bye to Trish, Pete, and Baby Bowman as they flew off to Bangladesh this week).

So to restore my soul today I made a new yeast bread recipe -
date, almond, oat, whole wheat, honey--yum.

And then Doug and I played Cribbage.  This always makes me think of his folks, because they both played Cribbage quite a lot.  One of my new life goals (just made it tonight) is to get dealt a perfect hand:

(Thanks to Seth for our new Montana Coffee Traders cards.)

Neither of us was dealt the perfect hand tonight, but as Doug always says at the end of a game, "Everybody's a winner with Jesus."

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